Thank you for being one of our forwarding agents! We truly value the time and effort you’re putting into this ministry. We hope these resources will help you better prepare for the work ahead.

[Note: This material is explains how Team Expansion operated in its first 39 years or so (from 1978 until June 30, 2017). Beginning July 1, 2017, all new workers are now being affiliated using something called the Collaborative Model. In the Collaborative Model, there are no longer any new Forwarding Agents, and no longer any new Team Expansion bank accounts outside of those held at International Services. Existing workers (those already using the Forwarding Agent model prior to July 1, 2017) have until July 1, 2024 to transition to the Collaborative Model. For more information, contact anyone at International Services.]

Forwarding Agent Guidebook (pdf)

Tax Estimator 2018

Annual Donation Receipt Templates

Year End Giving Letter Template

Year End Donation Receipt Footer

Forwarding Agent Training Material


Ministry Description

Accountability in Taxes

Introduction to Quickbooks

Updating Company Information

Entering Donations

Entering Expenses

Tracking Field Cash

Working with Exchange Rates

Reconciling the Bank Statement

Fund Balance Report

Preparing the Monthly Report

Memorizing Transactions

Back up your Data

Print Receipts and Year End Giving Statements