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February 6, 2011 Prayer Note

Dear Family & Friends,

“Be careful never to take my son back there!” Abraham told him.  “The Lord, the God of heaven, who took me from my father’s house and the land of my relatives, promised me with a solemn oath, ‘To your descendants I will give this land.’ He will send his angel before you so that you may find a wife for my son from there.  But if the woman is not willing to come back with you, you will be free from this oath of mine. But you must not take my son back there!”  Genesis 24:6-8

In this passage we Abraham’s faith in the promises of God.  He instructed his servant according to the belief that God intended his descendants to possess the land that he was living in.  This faith in God’s promises gave direction for his life.  We can use the promises in God’s word to provide direction for our life as well.  Please pray that we and your Taiwanese brothers and sisters will learn to have faith in God’s promises to point that they help guide our daily lives.

We are sorry that our prayer note is a little late today.  Cheryl has not been feeling very well the last two days due to an outer ear infection.  We also had Ladybug staying with us.  She takes more work than the average infant.  Please pray for Cheryl as she has already been to see the doctor twice because of this ear infection.  She is now on a pretty hefty dose of antibiotics and is to return on Tuesday to see the doctor.  Please pray that the infection does not spread and that Cheryl’s discomfort decreases quickly.

Please continue to pray for Xiao Mei and her son Joshua.  The weight of her sentence truly may depend upon the grace of God coming to the family of her ex-husband.  The judge will take into consideration the families attitude toward Xiao Mei.  If they are willing to forgive her or show her comapassion then the judge will more likely to be lenient.  Please pray for those of His Hands and others that will try to reach out to this family with the love of God.

Thank you for praying for these concerns.

God Bless,

John & Cheryl

1.  Please pray for us all to learn to have faith in God’s promises so that they guide our life.

2.  Please pray for Cheryl’s ear infection to clear up completely and quickly.

3.  Please pray for Xiao Mei, Joshua, and everyone that will affect her sentencing.

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