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October 9, 2011 Prayer Note

Dear Family & Friends,


“Though I have many other things to write to you, I do not want to do so with paper and ink, but I hope to come visit you and speak face to face, so that our joy may be complete.”  II John 1:12

Though John was writing for a different reason, we too have this sentiment.  We long to see you, all of you, our family and good friends.  During this time that we are absent from Taiwan, but here in the States, we do get to visit with many of you.  We are grateful for your faithfulness.  It certainly is an encouragement to us when we visit with churches and individuals and see so many are still faithful to the Lord.  We hope and pray that our brothers and sisters in Taiwan also remain faithful while we are here.  So far, reports are good from Taiwan.  Please join us in prayer for their faithfulness.


We had a good visit with Chris & Samantha Sanford.  We were able to discuss many things about their future service in Taiwan.  We also talked with them a lot about married life with a new baby.  Samantha is about halfway through her pregnancy now, and they are planning to be in Taiwan when the baby is born.  Please continue to pray for the Sanfords as they raise support and prepare for the changes that moving to Taiwan and having a daughter will bring.


Today we continue our reporting as we travel to the First Christian Church in Fairfield, IL this afternoon.  We desire to visit with all of our supporting churches and individuals while we are in the States.  We also want to give everyone an accurate accounting of the ministry in all aspects.  Just like with most of your congregations our ministry in Taiwan has its ups and downs, but we are encouraged as more people come to the Lord and we see the faith of people grow.  We also want you to know that we do need to pick-up some additional support.  This is due to several factors.  One factor is simply due to the drop in the value of the US dollar.   Another is that some people and churches have had to reduce or stop their support.  Please join us in praying for our visits to our supporters and our need to raise additional support.


Please continue to pray for Dave & Jeanay Stiles as they serve in Taiwan.  Recently, the congregation they work with took a trip to a mountain village to reach out to the children & their families with the love of Christ.  They saw that even though there is a church in the village there is still work to be done.  They saw carved idols being sold in the marketplace and other evidence that many people worship these false gods.  They also saw the physical needs of many of the families.  Please pray for this congregation as they try to bring joy to these children and their families.


Thank you for being our partners in prayer.


God Bless,


John & Cheryl


1.  Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Taiwan to be faithful.

2. Please continue to pray for the Sanfords as life changes and they raise support.

3. Please pray for our continue reporting and fund raising.

4. Please pray for the Stiles and their congregation.





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