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April 30, 2017 Prayer Note

Dear Family & Friends,

“For we groan while we are in this tent, since we are weighed down, because we do not want to be unclothed, but clothed, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.  Now the one who prepared us for this very purpose is God, who gave us the Spirit as a down payment.”  II Corinthians 5:4-5

The days of our lives vary as to what we may call them good, bad, happy, sad, enjoyable, painful, fruitful, barren or so many other things.  We should not be surprised.  We live in a world with people like us that hope for the best, but realize it does not always happen.  This because though our world was once declared, “… very good.”  It has since fallen.  There is still good in this world, but there is also evil.  We, who are disciples of Christ, all look forward to the day that we no longer have to live with the effects of sin on our lives.  We look forward to the day when this mortal life is done and our new eternal life takes over completely, but that day has not yet come.  We are still here trying to live as ones who know that God has created us for His purpose of worshipping Him for eternity in heaven.  Until that day comes, please join us in choosing to praise and thank Him for everyday no matter how you would describe it.

We continue to praise God for the work He is doing in Chiou Jie’s life.  The other day Cheryl was interrupted by several messages coming in on her cell phone.  She stood there texting continually.  When asked about what she was doing, she replied, “I am enjoying answering Sam’s mom’s questions!”  She was asking about how to pray.  We ask that you continue to pray for Chiou Jie as we work to disciple her.

This week on Thursday Dana & Chris McCain, our field coordinators, will arrive in Taiwan to spend some time with our team.  They will begin their time here in Taichung and then they will also go over to Lotung to visit with the Sanfords.  They have already been and will continue to travel these next several weeks visiting workers here in Asia.  We look forward to their encouraging conversations.

Friends and missionaries to Papua New Guinea, Wayne & Gail Chen, are dealing with some tough news.  They have been on home assignment for almost a year now.  They had planned to return to their people group in June for some final instruction and other work to fully establish the Church among the Biem people.  These plans have been postponed as Gail has has had a recurrence of her cancer.  It has returned in her bones.  She is undergoing treatment right now.  Medically speaking her situation is very serious.  We don’t know what God will choose to do, but we ask that you pray for Gail to have many more years on this earth serving God.  They have chosen to thank God for everyday they are given.

Cheryl left this morning on her way to the US and Canada.  Her first stop in Evansville, IN where she will be with her parents for a few days.  Her dad will be having back surgery this week.  Please pray for his surgery to go well.  She then will be attending Nathanael’s graduation for his masters degree from Regent University.  Following celebrating with Nathanael she will be go through Canada to visit Philip, Bethany, and our four princesses for a few days.  We ask that you pray for every aspect of her trip.

We appreciate your prayers.

God Bless,

John & Cheryl

1.  Pray that we choose to be a witness by praise God and thanking Him for each day.

2.  Pray for Chiou Jie as she learns to talk with God.

3.  Pray our team’s time with our field coordinators, Dana & Chris.

4.  Pray for the Chen family as Gail fights cancer again.

5.  Praise God that Cheryl can spend this time in the US & Canada.

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