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July 9, 2017 Prayer Note

Dear Family & Friends,

“But other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundred times as much, some sixty, and some thirty.  The one who has ears had better listen!”  Matt. 13:8&9

Jesus ends the telling of the parable with an imperative.  He wants to make sure people are paying attention, but to what?  Since the seed refers to the Word of God,  He wants us to realize the importance of the Word of God and the potential affect it can have in our lives.  It is a potential affect since that it is dependent upon how we choose to receive it.  If we choose not to believe it there will be no change in our lives, but if we do believe it and let it take root and grow the change will be astounding.  Join us in praying for us to continue to receive the Word of God as truth everyday that we made be changed to be more like Jesus.

We continue to ask that you pray for S&E Camp.  Most of our staff from the  US for the first week have already arrived.  We praise God for their safety.  We ask that you continue to pray daily for everyone involved in camp both campers and staff.  Like any week of camp it is tiring.  We need strength and endurance.  We also need hearts & minds that are focused on being Jesus to these campers.  The campers need to be able to set aside their concerns and troubles so that they can hear the truth and be changed.

John will be preaching this morning at the Community Church of Taichung, so please be keeping him in prayer as he delivers the message from God’s Word to the people there.  Our good friend, team mate, and current minister at CCT is in the US for his annual trip back there to see family and friends.  This year is a little special though.  After losing his dear wife, Molly, three and a half years ago to cancer, Chuck is now engaged to a Godly, beautiful lady named Darla and they are trying to get everything in order to get married and return to Taiwan together.  Therefore, his trip to the states has been extended indefinitely and John is getting the opportunity to preach in his place this morning.  Praise the Lord for his answer to prayers here!

Remember Samantha Sanford’s mom who was baptized into the Lord Jesus last April?  Now, this beautiful lady is also going to be helping us out at camp these next two weeks.  Besides the work that she does in a bakery from 2:30 pm to 11:30 pm daily, four mornings this week she will be helping to take care of the little ones who belong to our faculty.  She has already gone with Cheryl to help buy some of the items needed for cooking class these two weeks, and continues to praise Jesus all along the way.  Praise the Lord that she is being strengthened in her faith and is such an example of God’s love to everyone she meets!

Please pray for our friend and past co-worker Jon Ralls.  He was diagnosed with cancer a couple weeks ago.  Jon began his chemotherapy this week.  He continues to have a great attitude toward life and a great focus on the work of the Kingdom of God.  Jon and his wife Amy have two sons and a daughter.  Please keep them all covered in your prayers.

Thank you for praying.

God Bless,

John & Cheryl

1.  Pray that we be willing to hear the Word of God and be changed by it.

2.  Pray for the staff and the campers of S&E Camp to be greatly affected by the Word of God.

3.  Pray for John as he preaches this morning at CCT.

4.  Praise the Lord that Samantha’s mom is growing in the Lord!

5.  Pray for Jon Ralls and his family as he takes chemotherapy.

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