Support Needs 2013

Answered Prayer and an Open Door!
Dear Friends,

Since 1992 I have served as a full-time Christian worker with Team Expansion. We are a cross-cultural ministry with workers in 40 countries. You can learn more about us at:

From 1992-2001 I served in the home office of Team Expansion as director of Recuitment and later as director of Personnel. From 2001-2009 I served as the team leader for the Louisville Hispanic Outreach team. And from 2009 until the end of 2011 the mission loaned me to Mercy Medical Clinic as the administrator.

In January, 2012 I began fulltime studies in the the Physician Assistant School at the University of Kentucky.

We rejoice and give thanks to God for opening this door of service. I truly am relishing this phase of the journey.

So what’s the Plan Now?
a) The first 18 months of the training fprogram takes place in Lexington, KY. I will be commuting from Louisville and staying over some weeknights in Lexington when necessary. The final 12 months of the program are clinicals and the majority of them can be done in Louisville. I am volunteering at Mercy Medical as much as possible during the intense training.

b) During the 2 ½ years of PA training we continue on mission support through Team Expansion. We are on “educational furlough” during this time. As a result, I will owe the mission 2 ½ years of service at some point in the future.

c) Upon completion of the 2 ½ years of PA training I will obtain a job as a PA. This will allow our family to go off of mission support as well as pay back the student loans I will incur.

d) At some point in the future we will begin paying back the 2 ½ years of ministry to Team Expansion. We have discussed various options with the mission. They include paying back the time through future ministry at Mercy Medical, doing short-term medical outreach with a Team Expansion field team, and assisting with pre-field training of new missionaries. We are so grateful to the leadership of Team Expansion in offering us such flexibility and freedom in our service.

We are anticipating that we will have a “tentmaking” capacity that will allow us to serve the mission without needing to raise financial support. “Tent-making” refers to the way the apostle Paul served as a missionary, i.e.working by day as a tentmaker so that he could support himself without being a burden to anyone.

Future Support

The last 19 years of living on mission support has taught us that a number of people doing a little adds up to a whole lot. We have learned that God is always faithful, and He always provides for His work and for His children. We’ve been so blessed and we are so grateful.

Below is our 2013 monthly budget so that you can see what the needs are. We have obtained student loans for the tuition and books for PA school, so those expenses do not occur on the budget.

As of now we need to raise about $1000 in new monthly support. Would you be able to support us with a monthly commitment in 2013? If not, would you be able to send a one time gift?

Please feel free to email or call me.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Each month I send our supporters a brief report and a receipt (if a donation is given the previous month). I also send a year-end receipt in January of each year that supporters can use for their taxes.

Please make checks out to “Team Expansion” and mail to
Chris Bushnell
4704 Napa Ridge Ct
Louisville KY 40299.

Cell phone: 502-387-7410

Thank you for considering this need!
In Christian love,

Chris & family

PS: In keeping with IRS rules please do not include my name on the check to ensure your gift will be tax-deductible.

2013 Monthly Budget

100 • Salary 2,500.00
110 • Medical Insurance 500.00
111 • Special Medical Expense 100.00
120 • Life Insurance 17.00
121 • Investment Life Insur. 23.00
130 • Social Security 410.00
141 • ROTH IRA Retirement 200.00
150 • Housing Allowance 1,050.00
160 • Utilities 250.00
650 • Supplies 100.00
720 • Newsletters 25.00
740 • Team Expansion Administration Fee 100.00
800 • Car/Transportation (Commuting expenses) 250.00
TOTAL $5,525.00

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