Our Team Expansion family currently consists of more than 350 full-time adult workers serving in 46 countries in 70 distinct church planting projects. So far we’ve seen God use our efforts to plant over 600 churches, with over 15,000 individuals baptized into Christ – more than 1,300 baptisms in 2014 alone!

Mission Statement

Born out of extraordinary prayer, we partner with the global church to mobilize, train, and coach qualified workers in the implementation of the fruitful practices of church planting movements.

Purpose Statement

Multiplying disciples and churches among the unreached

Vision Statement

24 disciple-making movements by 2024*


*We’re defining a disciple-making movement or DMM as being 4 streams of churches that have grown to the 4th generation. We are praying God would bring this about by Dec. 31st, 2024

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