India smallerWant to use your degree to travel to far parts of the world, experience first-hand what God is doing in the hearts of the unreached, and directly impact His Kingdom? Team Expansion desperately needs teachers to serve with our missionary families.

You can serve as a tutor for one family, a co-op teacher for a whole area, or as a teacher in an international school. In every situation, you would play a crucial role in seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world, all while experiencing a colorful new culture and shaping young lives forever.

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Wondering where you can serve?

East Asia

  • School Teachers
  • Homeschool Tutors

Eastern Europe

  • School Teachers
  • Homeschool Tutors


  • School Teachers

Middle East

  • School Teachers
  • Homeschool Tutors
  • ESL Teachers

North Africa

  • School Teachers
  • Co-Op Teachers

Learn more about opportunities in North Africa.

Southeast Asia

  • Homeschool Tutors
  • Co-Op Teachers

Learn more about opportunities in Southeast Asia.


  • School Teachers
  • Principals
  • Administrative Roles

Learn more about opportunities in Africa.


Commitments can be made one school year at a time. Serve for one year – or the rest of your life! Team Expansion and the on-field team will work with you to find the right fit and time commitment.


The specific requirements vary by situation, but most require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (in any subject). Some fields request additional qualifications, such as a specialized major or teaching certification. We can work with you to determine the best field for you.


Before you go, Team Expansion will train you in cultural, financial, and spiritual development. You will also receive individualized mentoring and specific on-the-field coaching.