Reaching the Unreached

Our desire is to see every person in the world reached with the gospel of Christ. We’re working toward that goal through evangelism, church planting, and disciple making movements.

Everything we do is guided by our 7 Core Values and 7 Great Passions.

7 Core Values

1. Biblical – We will remain faithfully committed to the Bible.

2. Unreached  – Team Expansion works only among unreached (5% or less evangelical) populations.

3. Grace – We strive to hold a non-judgmental attitude among teammates on issues of opinion.

4. Teams – We are committed to working in teams.

5. Accountability – Each Team Expansion worker is required to provide supporters a monthly report on progress, time, and money.

6. Coaching – We earnestly desire, provide, and seek coaching on every level.

7. Church planting – The primary long-term goal for each field is to plant reproducible churches.

7 Great Passions

1. God – He’s our reason. Everything we do, every step we take, is for His glory.

2. Prayer – We were birthed in a prayer meeting. It’s what connects us to God, giving us passion and purpose.

3. People – God loved people enough to send his Son for them, even though they didn’t respond at first. May we walk in His steps.

4. Effective communication – Whether communicating in our heart language with teammates, or in a second language with locals, we want to excel in saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

5. Making disciples – This is the crux of the Great Commission, and therefore, our central focus.

6. Creative, strategic perseverance until the results are achieved – Missions is hard work. Plans sometimes fail. People get hurt. We try to prevent it, but it still happens sometimes, in spite of our best efforts. We still don’t quit. We soldier on. It’s what we do.

7. Growth – God seems so set on redeeming people from every tribe, caste and kindred. And he doesn’t want just a few. Read Revelation. He wants thousands. That’s what we want too.

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