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by Carla Williams

Here are 10 Reasons for missionary gratitude this Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving season as you count your blessings, our missionaries want to chime in, too!

Just for fun, here are 10 reasons we’re thankful this year.

  1. Skype – Sometimes we need to see our moms, time zones notwithstanding.
  2. Care packages – Peanut butter, ranch packets, and boxed mac-n-cheese? Yes, please.
  3. Youtube – Because sometimes the closest we get to corporate worship is Hillsong videos.
  4. Complete conversations in our new language – We thought we’d have the speaking competency of a 4-year-old forever.
  5. Bible Apps – Did you know you can get the whole Bible in more than 900 languages?
  6. Responses to our newsletters – You know Mail Chimp tells us exactly how many people opened that thing, right?
  7. Our support teams – We literally couldn’t be here without those who stand with us in prayer, wisdom, and finances.
  8. People of Peace – No one opens doors for the Gospel like the men and women who find Christ and invite others to discover Him, too.
  9. The Holy Spirit – We need the voice of truth, grace, conviction, and clarity in this messy mayhem.
  10. Our Front-row Seat – God is moving in the world, and He uses our broken, frail, bumbling attempts at faithfulness to accomplish His Kingdom’s work.

What are you thankful for this year? Let us know in the comments.

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