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Pray for an awakening in the North American church.  Ask the Spirit to give the church new zeal for the Great Commission and the church’s apostolic calling. Be inspired by this song by Brian Johnson called ‘God of Revival”

Praise God that in the past couple of years there have been some new believers among the peoples of Aceh who are meeting in simple discipleship groups! (Many have said in the past that this was impossible in Aceh.) This fact alone is a breakthrough. However, as we see in Scripture, rarely is there ground gained or fruit borne without death. It is also a fact that some followers of Jesus are paying a high price in Aceh, and some have even been martyred. We praise God that they will be around His throne worshipping and that they have received their reward, that they were faithful to the end, even unto death. (Revelation 2:10)

Certain lifestyle choices for the Mien in Laos can be a hindrance to the Gospel, as many do not want to give these things up. Pray there will be a convicting of each heart to leave their sinful ways behind and move towards Jesus.

Join Steve and Priscila Dye in praying that God would enable the church leaders to do whatever needs to be done while the Dyes are in the U.S. Ask God to raise up more leaders. Give thanks that many visitors have connected to the church because of the Facebook page online services. Many church members are actively sharing their faith with friends and family. Pray that there will be much fruit from this virtual outreach.


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Daily Prayer Force November 30, 2021

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