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Team Expansion General Request

Lord and Father, we praise You for our new North African brothers and sisters who have read Your Word and felt compelled to obey it. We praise You for the transformation happening in their hearts, and we ask that You use them to transform their families, neighborhoods, and country for Your Name’s sake.

Fun Facts Africa

Team Expansion Worker

Join DS in praying for Afgh-land! She is researching and helping with P2 visas. She is also grieving with A believers in Virginia where she lives. Please pray for opportunities to speak of Jesus to these freshly wounded hearts arriving on U.S. soil.

Pray for More Workers

Lord and Father, we ask You to call and compel more North Africans to share Your story and their story with family, neighbors, and compatriots so that Your Name is made known in Epiphany.

Unreached People of the Day

The Siwa people live in an area of Egypt that is frequently visited by tourists. Would you join us in praying for one believer to leverage this tourism opportunity to create a business that can bring jobs to the Siwa Berber while also sharing the Good News with them?




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Daily Prayer Force October 6, 2022

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Team Expansion General Request We give thanks to You, Lord, with our whole hearts, recounting all Your wonderful deeds in…

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