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Team Expansion General Request

Give thanks to God for Bible translation work in the Banjar language. Ask God to orchestrate the draft of the book of Mark

Team Expansion Worker

Join T and A in Ghana in praying for new disciples to multiply new disciples and for new discipleship groups to multiply new groups. Pray for new trainees to implement movements.

Pray for More Workers

Ask the Lord of languages to thrust out more workers to the Banjar that can disciple them and help them understand the Word of God.

Unreached People of the Day

The Bawaria people in India have a very low literacy rate due to lack of educational opportunities. Would you join us in praying for two Christian educators to go and teach the Bawaria how to read and write, while also teaching them about the Good News of Jesus?




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Daily Prayer Force December 7, 2021

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Team Expansion General Request Lord, we ask that You would bless and use this short video about Jonah in Banjar…

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