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Team Expansion General Request

Pray that God will move Bible translation teams through the final stages for publishing a full Bible in a language of South Asia and a New Testament in a language of North Africa

Team Expansion Worker

Join D and C in a sensitive field in asking God to provide funding needs for growing ministries such as day camps and online outreach.

Pray for More Workers

Ask God to thrust out Bible storytellers, translators, disciple makers, and church planters

Unreached People of the Day

There are 5 million English speaking Jews spread out across the United States. Would you join us in praying for 80 believers to dedicate their lives to showing their Jewish neighbors the love and truth of the Messiah?






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Daily Prayer Force October 4, 2022

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Team Expansion General Request We ask God to orchestrate the translation of the book of John into the Banjar language…

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