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This last full week of September is Global Week of Student Prayer

The Global Week of Student Prayer is focused on public, private, or home school students. Download the campus prayer APP to help prepare for “See You at the Pole.” Pray in unique ways, places, and times all week. Ask God to empower students to launch Bible clubs and Bible study groups.

Pray4Bosnia – Lift up Bosnian communities today. Ask God to do something like He did with Paul – ask Him to capture the heart of a leader within their midst, one who has practiced the Pillars of Islam without fail, Ask God to give this leader a radical encounter with Jesus, new eyes to see, and a desire to then reach His people with the Truth.

Pray for the Mien of Laos to turn to Christ. As vehicles speed down the dirt road heading to some other location, clouds of dust gently settle into layers on the homes in a small Mien village in Vientiane Province Lao PDR. About 110 people live in Pha Luang village, going about their lives working and socializing with their fellow villagers, much as you would if you lived there yourself. Many of them have never heard the Gospel. Pray that next year at this time this will not still be the case.

Join A and C in North Africa in asking for residency renewal. They still need passports for two of their children.


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Daily Prayer Force February 28, 2024

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“But Peter and John answered them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather…

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