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Praise God for the Cathedral of Family Church that was represented in a disciple-making movement training. They have three to five groups meeting regularly and implementing tools, as well as having contact with 210 churches in Mozambique. Ask God’s Spirit to move within these groups to start disciple-making movements in both Brazil and Mozambique.

Pray4Bosnia – “For He shatters the doors of bronze and cuts in two the bars of iron.” (Psalm 107:16) Praise God for His great power and agree with His Word today! Say aloud that you believe He is strong enough to shatter the divide between Croats and Bosniaks. Declare with your mouth that He can cut in two the chains that keep Bosnians in bondage to sin. Pray that God would shatter every barrier and obstacle to the advance of the Gospel in Bosnia.

In Taiwan, pray for the core group of a church plant in Tai Chung City to grow strong in the Lord, be active in sharing their testimony and God’s story, and multiplying disciples.

Pray that Jesus would shine through the H family, especially as they work in healthcare in Southeast Asia.


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Daily Prayer Force March 23, 2023

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Thank You God, for the redemption that is ours through Jesus. Thank You for giving us the privilege of taking…

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