Learn More About Missions

So you’re interested in missions, but you’re not sure where to start? This is a huge decision with complicated factors. But we’re excited to walk alongside you in this journey God’s given you. We know you have many questions, and we’re dedicated to serving you through the whole process.

Team Expansion and You

Whether you’re hoping to learn how to pray for unreached people groups, needing to fulfill a summer internship, wanting to attend a training about planting churches, or ready to serve full-time in cross-cultural ministry, Team Expansion is ready and excited to help you.

We have a proven path for guiding you through each step, from praying for direction all the way to sending and sustaining you on the field. We partner with local churches to provide you, your family, team, and support system with everything you need to prepare, maintain, and thrive on the field.

Next Steps

What’s the next step? Here are several options to get you started:


Feeling unqualified? Don’t worry! We have a variety of trainings that can equip you and your family for serving cross-culturally. Learn more about training.

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How long are you wanting to serve? One day as a volunteer? Short-term trip? One summer? Several months? Full-time? Learn about our different opportunities to go.

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Do you need more information? We have resources to equip you to pray more effectively, understand the global needs, provide support for raising funds, and more.

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