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Many Team Expansion workers are in desperate need of teammates. Ask God to raise up co-workers and partners in the Gospel. Thinking of the team in Franklinton, ask God to send another teammate to join them in the work there.

Pray for national believers and partners to engage the Mlabri and the Mon peoples with the Good News of Jesus so that many will place their trust in Him. (More on The Final 58)

Pray for Jesus to be known today in Italy. About 1% of Italians truly follow Jesus, in comparison to the 6% of Chinese who follow Jesus. Pray that faith will continue to grow in Italy and this country will be a bright light in the world.

Join G and A in praying that God would establish His Kingdom in the city they will be going to in Asia. Pray that their family would keep in step with the Holy Spirit and that their marriage would reflect Jesus’s relationship with His Church.


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Daily Prayer Force October 2, 2023

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