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Team Expansion General Request: August 5

Pray for a Team Expansion family as they continue to serve and share the Gospel with refugees from Sudan. Pray for a significant impact on those involved in it. Pray that networking and conversations will mobilize more people to reach the unreached people groups that Jesus is sending to the U.S.

Final 58 in Laos

Pray for the Bo, 4,100 followers of ethnic religions. Pray for the Cham, 225 followers of Islam. Ask God to reveal Himself to the Cham in visions and dreams as Jesus the one true sacrifice for their sins, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Gospel Breakthrough: Khmer of Cambodia

Most church multiplication movements have had family-based conversion patterns. Pray for a breakthrough, that individuals will soon find powerful ways to engage entire families simultaneously with the Gospel. Pray for entire families to come to the Lord at once and benefit greatly from their long-term relational support.

Team Expansion Worker

Pray with DB in SE Asia for the construction group, the group in NL, and the students in the city. Pray for the development of resources that are useful and bear fruit. Pray for a potential partnership to work out well and lead to much fruit


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