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Team Expansion General Request: April 15, 2019

D and his wife M are two of the most fun-loving people you could ever meet. D claims to be an atheist. He never encouraged his children to deal with the matter of faith and God, but now D would like to see his grandchildren go to church in order to make a better-informed decision as to what they believe. Incredible, isn’t it? Pray for D and M in Ireland, their children, and their grandchildren to discover that there is a God who is real and loves them intensely.

Final 58 of Laos

Pray for the Maleng (1000 people) and the Mlabri (35 people). Both groups are currently following false religions to become catalysts for disciple making movements. (More on The Final 58)

Gospel Breakthrough

Ancona, Italy | Ancona has over 100,000 residents. Pray God would do whatever it takes to remove the veil that blinds them from knowing Jesus, submitting to Him in repentance and faith. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill this city like a mighty wind, convicting people of sin and of a need for a Savior. Pray God ignites a disciple-making movement that touches every corner of Ancona.

Team Expansion Worker

B and M (Middle East) ask for continued prayer for M’s relationship with H to grow beyond the friendship it is into a fruitful discipleship. Ask for guidance in the next steps of language learning. Pray for B to expand his friendships with locals and for language skills to continue to improve.


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