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Where disciple-making movements take place, the Bible is always viewed as the source and foundation of authority, and the Gospel is sown abundantly. Pray that more and more reliable audio recordings of the Scriptures would be made available throughout “Epiphany” via MP3, radio, online access, phone apps, and other resources.

Lao workers returned to Siangtai of the Laoseng, teaching and encouraging Christians there. They met the son of an elderly believer, who had been a monk for six years. “I believe this story is true,” he said, after hearing the Gospel. He became very excited when his father gave him the family’s Lao Bible. “I will learn to read the word of God!” Pray for maturity and boldness to share their own story that involves God’s story.

Lift up the Khmer in Cambodia. Ask for Disciple-Making Movements to succeed. Pray that each cell or house church leader would have the authority he/she needs for evangelism, ministry, and planting new churches. Lord Jesus, empower strong leaders among the Khmer in Cambodia to be apostles, shepherds, teachers, evangelists, and prophets!

Join E and R (Tanzania) in asking God to bring their team people of peace and people who are faithful disciples. Pray for motivation and energy to finish the language program well. Ask God to open doors for E and R to practice Swahili and show God’s love.


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Daily Prayer Force May 25, 2024

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“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to…

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