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Team Expansion General Request

THANKSGIVING is a time to reflect and humble ourselves before the Lord, who provides every spiritual blessing. It is a time of harvest and ingathering of fruit. In Jesus’s last free moments with the disciples, He prayed for the disciples and their spiritual fruit that they would all be one just as Jesus and the Father are one (John 17:20-21). As result of that His prayer and its ongoing reach, collaboration in the Kingdom is ever on the rise. Give thanks to God for the greater and greater unity and collaboration in the Church centered on the vision of Jesus to have the Gospel preached to all nations. Gratitude – Brandon Lake

Team Expansion Worker

Please continue to pray with Chris and Samantha Sanford for the new connections they are making in Taiwan and the existing connections they have made. Pray that they will be able to show and share the love of Christ with the Taiwanese people.

Pray for More Workers

Give thanks to God for how He is appointing new workers from the States and from Team Expansion sending bases around the world.

Unreached People of the Day

The Jat Dhillon people have traced many kings and elite warriors through their ancestry. Would you join us in praying for four workers to go to the Jat Dhillon and show them that the King of Kings is worthy of our praise and obedience?




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Daily Prayer Force December 7, 2021

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Team Expansion General Request Lord, we ask that You would bless and use this short video about Jonah in Banjar…

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